Creativity in chaos?

‘I’m doing a bad drawing’ said the boy ‘Are you enjoying it?’ asked the mole ‘Yes’ replied the boy ‘Then it is a good drawing’ – Charlie Mackesy

In these uncertain times, chaos, fosters creativity. Everyday there is potential for life to be something new. Being thrown into homeschooling has taught me that! That newness we find ourselves in right now isn’t particularly comfortable, there’s quite a lot of fear and anxiety about. There’s nothing to distract us from ourselves. Life is very unfamiliar to most of us at the moment…this unfamiliar territory, without life’s usual distractions has opened the door onto my creativity. I’ve realised that this has happened before. When Luna died, when life was turned upside down and all that I thought I understood fell away. I channelled the grief and darkness into making, creating, drawing and doodling. It got cut short though, as I went back to work, real life crept back in. Then I suffered badly with my mental health, and apart from writing, I didn’t get back to drawing. This time is different, there is no work to distract me, tempt me away from sitting with my feelings, myself and I’m becoming more creative because of it.

I’ve been using this book, by Danielle Krysa, to help me direct my creative urge.

I’ve always been a creative person, but I really believe all of us are creative. We’re all creators. We wouldn’t have made it this far as a human race without imagination, curiosity and creativity. Even if its been buried a very long time, I invite you to connect to that kid inside, the one who knew how to make up stories, how to play games, make mud pies, make castles out of cardboard boxes, draw rainbows and clouds, mountains and rivers. We have an opportunity now to create whatever world we want to come out of this strange, destructive, chaotic time. I don’t believe our lives have to become more restricted, in fact I really believe we should be seeking new and different freedoms once we’ve come through the worst. Different ways of working, different ways of travelling, different ways of living. We need new thinking on how we will heal the earth and be able to make it a place worth living in for generations to come. We need creativity more than ever. Dr Robert Bilder has said, ‘The truly creative changes and the big shifts occur right at the edge of chaos’.

Actually this drawing set me off on wanting to do more. I felt so absorbed when drawing this and I felt really in tune with myself. The observational skills and feeling the shapes was very meditative.

I’m picking up my pencils again and I am looking at the world around me, whether in person, in my photo’s or in my books, with slightly different eyes. My mind is overflowing with things I want to write down and describe with words. I want to draw and paint, cut and stick, ask questions and seek answers. Imaging a better future for us and generations to come is what we should all be doing right now. It is up to every single one of us to be the future we want to see. We can’t leave it to government. We can’t leave it to a small handful of individuals, who we think are going to save us. There are no hero’s. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Get feeling, get playing, get curious, get questioning, get imagining, get creative. Let the chaos of our current days birth your creativity.

Something a bit strange and based on a very vivid dream I had. Again, lots of things wrong here, but it was fun to do.

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