All pregnancies are different and that goes for pregnancy losses too

I was invited to write a guest post for Jennie Agg’s Mum’s Voice Series on her blog The Uterus Monologues. I’m proud of this post. It’s been quite emotional for me to see it all written down, in black and white, but I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to share our experiences more widely. Jennie has an extensive range of stories, both her’s and other’s, books and resources and tips on how to feel better when you’re seriously down in the dumps about miscarriage and infertility. It’s all important and valid reading, whether you have personally been effected by miscarriage, still birth, TFMR or any other type of baby loss or infertility – or you are someone trying to support a friend or family member going through it. The more we can share our experiences and the more that people read and listen to these stories, the more women and men will feel less alone and isolated in their grief. Thanks for reading.

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