Thank you!

So this is just a quick post to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that has liked my posts enough to actually follow me and an even bigger THANK YOU to all of you that have ever taken the time to leave a comment. Seriously, I know I don’t have many followers on this blog, but every one of you are very precious to me!

I set out writing this blog with the intention of just reaching one other person who may take something of comfort, or hope, or just the feeling that they are not the only ones suffering with grief and loss, of any kind, but especially baby loss. And I’ve achieved that. It’s been (roughly) a year since I started writing this blog and (roughly) six months since I went more public, linking up to social media channels, and I’m so glad I did. I have found my tribe of people who really ‘get’ it.

Grief is such a lonely and isolating place, or at least it can feel that way. When other peoples lives seem to be carrying on, but your life has stopped dead (no pun intended!) in it’s tracks. When everything before tragedy struck seems to have slipped from your grasp and the future you thought you would have crumbles away, you’re left feeling marooned on very inhospitable island. I have found writing extremely cathartic, but even more cathartic was reading and responding to your comments to my articles on this blog and to my Tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts. The conversations I have been able to have with you most marvelous, incredible, compassionate crew, have helped me enormously. Although I set out to extend a lifeline to others, in fact, that lifeline came back to me – so thank you.

I’m not sure where all of this is exactly heading, but I sense a seismic shift is coming.


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