I wonder what you would be doing right now. If you had been healthy and been able to make it to full term, you would be about 18 months old now. Would you have been like your big brother, late to get up and walk, or would you have been keen to keep up with him and get moving? What would your favourite foods be? Toys? Games? Songs? Books? Who would you take after and look more like? You had my nose, it was teeny tiny, but we could still tell it was mine…would you and Benjamin fight all the time, or would you be loving and kind to each other (or a bit of both)? How much noisier and busier would our house be? Messier? Would we have moved house, or stayed put? Would our friends be different? Would I have cut my hair…again?

Two years ago I gave birth to you. Our lives changed forever. We are different people now. You were with us for such a short time, but you’re impact is everlasting. Thank you. We miss you. We love you.

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