Conversation with Benjamin


Ben: “Who is my Granny?”

Me: “Granny Jaynie, my mummy and Granny-“

Ben: “Daddy’s mummy.”

Me: “That’s right.”

Ben: “So we need to put you and me on a list with Granny Jaynie and give it to her. That would be nice for her.”

Me: “Yes, because we all belong together?”

Ben: “Yes. Where is Granny Jaynie from?”

Me: “Canada, like me.”

Ben: “We need to go to Canada and post the list in her door for her.”

Me: “Well, she wouldn’t be there anymore-“

Ben: “Where is she?”

Me: “She died a very long time ago.”

Ben: “Oh (thinking)…well, if we put the list through her door, she’ll become undied and then she can have the list.”

Me: “That would be great if she could become undied.”

Ben: “Yes. She would like the list…can I have Cbeebies now?”


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