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I started this blog, part inspired by my mum’s own blog. Back in 2016, I undertook to organise and edit my mum’s blog in order to put it into print form for my brother’s wedding. I was struck that I could hear her voice, intonation and laugh (and annoyance at times!) through her words. I am so glad she took the time and effort to write. It has given us a legacy that is important and valuable – her voice.

I’ve gone back had another read through and I thought I’d transcribe her entry from 06 January 2006 for all to enjoy:

The Resolution Solution

By Jayne Manning

You know those brilliant alcohol-induced ideas we get at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve…those spontaneous, well-intentioned “resolutions”? Why do we do that exactly? Why does the simple turning of a page on the calendar spark such irrational behaviour? Shouldn’t the turning of every page on the calendar bring us some measure of reflection on the previous day and what we could do to make this one better?

Easier said than done when we tend to rush through life, always planning for the future…this year’s vacation or anticipating our next career move, rarely living for the moment. If there is one thing that is true for all of us, the older you get, the faster time seems to fly by and the “moments” just become more important with each passing year. 2005 was not a great year for me …unemployment, the break up of a personal relationship and 8 months of cancer treatment made kissing 2005 goodbye a real pleasure! So, if forced to make a resolution this year, it would be to stop and reflect on those little moments in 2005 (as difficult as they were to see at the time) that actually brought me to a better place. The little moments that have given me new friends, new-found strength and new appreciation for all the truly good things I have.

And oh yes, one other resolution…to keep on living for the moment, the day, the right-now. It’s all any of us are guaranteed and besides, it makes much more sense to me than that silly “no more chocolate” resolution!

Happy 2006 all!


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      Hi Lori,
      Me too. It’s more than a little bittersweet to read her words, but I’m glad we have them. Thanks for reading and remembering, that’s what this is all about! Love you. xo

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