About me

Hello, I’m Hayley. Thank you for coming along to have a look at my blog. If you’re here, that may be because you’ve experienced a miscarriage or TFMR, or another form of baby loss or infertility, as that’s what I write and comment a lot about on my social media channels. If that’s the case, I’m truly sorry you’re going through this too. It’s one of the loneliness things to go through and our society doesn’t make it any easier. My hope is to write with honesty about what we’ve been through and continue to go through in the hope that it may help someone else and spread the word that infertility and baby loss are worthy of grieving.

The other part of my story is that I’m an orphan. My parents and my grief at losing both of them before a I turned 30 also features quite a lot in these pages. My experience with grief is that each loss can’t really be held in isolation of each other. They all connect and touch each other and this can make grief more intense and complicated. Sometimes, I find it difficult to know what or who I’m feeling sad about and sometimes I can’t separate it out, sometimes I can’t put my finger on it, sometimes…I’m just sad. That said, I’ve been learning to stick with it, ride the wave. Eventually, the sadness ebbs away and joy takes its place. Sorrow, joy. Grief, gratitude, Death, life. It all keeps turning and flowing, shifting and changing. This blog is about those shifts and changes…it’s about hope.